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4D IT Solutions' flat-fee Managed IT Services are the ideal fit for small and mid-sized businesses. It’s predictable, flexible, scalable and we include unlimited support. You no longer have to worry about how many hours your IT provider spent fixing a server, network device or a computer. Our clients focus on business initiatives and leave the experts at 4D IT Solutions to focus on IT related matters.

How secure is YOUR network? Is your IT environment reliable and compliant with today’s regulations? In the same way that you lock your doors at home and then test them to see that they hold, it’s critical to test and measure your network’s security. By enlisting the assistance of Network Security Services experts like 4D IT Solutions, you can find out where your company stands and learn how to remedy any potential vulnerabilities.

We live in a data-dependent world and the importance of backing up your mission-critical data, and being able to keep working in case of a disaster, is at an all-time high. From ongoing backup, to file restoration, and server virtualization solutions, 4D IT Solutions' backup service is designed to protect your information and eliminate worries, no matter what.

Taking IT to Another Dimension



4D IT Solutions, Inc. (4D IT), an S-Corporation, headquartered just 10 miles north of Raleigh, North Carolina in the town of Rolesville with offices in the Raleigh and Dallas area, is a leading IT Solutions provider. 4D IT was founded on the principles of delivering enterprise-level IT support to corporations of all sizes. 4D IT brings an exceptional level of service through forming a true business partnership with its clients. This approach differs from the traditional “break fix” methodology of other IT solutions companies.

After serving the IT industry for over 38 years, Dennis Duke, along with additional partners, formed 4D IT to bring unparalleled IT Solutions, Project Management, Consulting, Solution Architecture, Network Support, and Managed IT Services to the corporate business community.

At 4D IT, we understand that each client is truly unique, as are their goals. Therefore, we focus on being an IT company that creates services and solutions that are customized to the specific business environment of our clients.

We offer a full range of IT services including Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, Project Support, and  Data Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Our technical and support staff have been trained to evaluate your needs and create a comprehensive plan to improve your business’ day-to-day operations.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide Corporate America with unparalleled IT solutions and support.





Influenced by regulatory policies, the energy and utilities industry faces considerable market volatility. In addition, energy costs continue to rise, as does demand for reliability.

By developing IT solutions for oil and gas, power plant, electric co-op, and regional utility companies, 4D IT Solutions has developed significant knowledge concerning the unique technology issues facing the energy and utilities industry. We use this expertise to help customers transform their business systems and technology infrastructure. Our solutions convert operational data into actionable information that help achieve business goals.


Few industries have as many regulations on how they can store and share data as Healthcare, and many small practices find it very difficult to keep up.

From Meaningful Use and HIPAA compliance, electronic health records and project management, we are the experts at lowering costs while also delivering quality solutions. We empower Healthcare organizations to make sound IT investments, while delivering the required infrastructure and technology solutions to fulfill all aspects of Healthcare IT support and security.

Whatever your next steps are to increase efficiency or improve outcomes, we are ready to help you achieve them. At 4D IT Solutions, we have a highly skilled team of HIPAA & technical experts providing IT solutions to the Healthcare industry. 4D IT Solutions provides ongoing IT consulting, Managed IT Services, and Network Support.


Attorneys and their staffs are busier than ever and are handling more information than ever. Any problems in storing, compiling or retrieving data means lost money and opportunities.

Because your law firm is faced with a flood of challenges, including streamlining processes, improving efficiency, satisfying clients and maintaining confidentiality, our IT consultants can address your specific needs. From hardware and software management to security updates and disaster recovery, we can eliminate the burden and distraction of maintaining your IT infrastructure. With experts providing IT consulting, Managed IT Services and Network Support, we ensure that you have the resources readily available for your needs.


Companies in the Construction industry have specialized IT needs with  each segment having its own set of requirements.

They often work with very large data files, and often have the need to quickly deploy functional offices at job sites, in a variety of environments – all of which can be taxing on many IT Infrastructures.

4D IT Solutions has significant experience helping Construction firms utilize technology to deliver their services quickly and reliably.

The services we have provided for construction firms include:

  • Ongoing IT Support
  • Rapid new office setups and/or moves, including cabling, internet access, VoIP telephony, and secure wireless networks, and remote access to headquarters.
  • Major IT Implementation projects, including Line of Business application implementations, with a variety of software vendors.

Banking & Financial Services  

The banking and financial services marketplace is more demanding, and less forgiving, than ever before. With the right technology, your organization can experience profitable growth, optimize the trade life cycle and eradicate risk.

 At 4D IT Solutions, our highly qualified team of experts will help you pinpoint problems, leverage technology and enhance business efficiency so that you can stay one step ahead of the industry. Having worked with many banking and financial service organizations, our team will help you take control of industry trends and issues. Whether your needs are IT Consulting, Managed IT Services or Network Support, we can provide you with a custom solution to meet your business goals and achieve excellence.


Today, non-profit organizations face unprecedented challenges. Unstable economic conditions have caused a steady decline in non-profit support, while service demands continue to increase. At 4D IT Solutions, we understand that non-profits need to target donors effectively, while also utilizing technology to impact their missions and minimize overall costs.

With a team of highly qualified resources, we help non-profit organizations transform the way they utilize technology so that they can spend more effort towards achieving their overall mission and positioning themselves for sustainable growth. From Technology Consulting, to IT outsourcing, Managed IT Service, and Network Support, our services encompass the entire IT lifecycle.


In recent years, technology has quickly become a center of influence and essential commodity to the hospitality industry. Your business clients and guests expect the same level of connected experience they have at home when they are visiting entertainment venues, professional offices, resorts, specialty shops, or staying in hotels. Some technologies have become very popular in the hospitality vertical; whereas, some have not. As IoT and IT capabilities continue to grow and further connect our everyday world—it’s increasingly important to ensure that your infrastructure is managed and appropriately maintained.

As next-generation solutions are developed, those companies that can most effectively take advantage of these new technologies will gain a competitive advantage. Opportunities for technology advances exist in such areas as the access control, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), check-in/check-out process, HVAC control, security and surveillance system, Wi-Fi, and valet & concierge service.

4D IT Solutions absolutely recognizes and understands that your business needs an IT provider who combines advanced and cutting-edge technologies with unparalleled service and support to create an incredible guest experience.  Many times first impressions can be a make or break for a customer; and, we want to capitalize on that, so that you’re successful—because “Your Success, is our Success!”.


Competition in the Manufacturing industry continues to grow and drive innovation to distinguish a Manufacturing business from others. Reliable application delivery helps maintain the daily information flow that is required for a set of continually increasing and complex supply chain operations; and, remains essential to running smoothly and inventory moving from the warehouse floor to delivery.


4D IT Solutions is prepared to support a number of educational institutions and public municipalities such as state and local government agencies and municipalities to help them achieve higher productivity from their IT systems and infrastructure investments.

4D IT Solutions supports government and municipalities in fully utilizing their applications, improving overall IT performance and reliability– that includes increased productivity levels, great SLAs and improved efficiencies. 4D IT Solutions works alongside government and municipality entities to help navigate through stringent regulations, security and data demands; while, providing the IT expertise needed especially when facing a shortage in robust IT resources, adequate funding, and skillsets.

4D IT Solutions excels in helping the Government and Municipality vertical in the following areas:

  • Relinquishing the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining and supporting applications and IT infrastructure
  • Reducing operational costs overall, while removing unnecessary costs altogether
  • Serving in the capacity as your trusted adviser and performing in the role of CIO where appropriate on behalf of the client


Doctor of Chiropractic

Raleigh, NC
With the new HIPAA Omnibus rules, our office was at a lost and very confused. 4D IT Solutions took the pain out of HIPAA compliance by addressing and mitigating all of our network and related hardware compliance issues. I was throughly impressed at their detailed understanding and knowledge of HIPAA. Not only did they bring our network into compliance but they were able to perform and walk us through a successful Risk Assessment.

Karen S.

Veterinary Clinic - Dallas, TX
Your service and expertise have been great! I’ve worked with many IT groups, and I’m very pleased with your group! We could not find an x-ray, 4D's tech helped the IDEXX guy find it. Also, I was unable to search in Outlook and your tech fixed that issue as well.

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